About Caravan Hire Co.

Hook up and drive
with Caravan Hire Co

We specialise in providing the latest model Jayco Caravans for Hire. Our fleet of full height ensuited caravans are current 2018 to 2023 models, ensuring you get the latest caravans to hire, in new or as good as new condition.  We offer exceptional customer service, including a comfortable customer lounge and lots of room for kids to run around in.

Ian & Kate Storr of Caravan Hire Co. have over 23 years’ experience in the caravan and tourism industries. They have loved experiencing the magnificent and unique sights Australia has to offer, and invite you to do the same.  With their extensive experience they will be able to assist you in making the right choice of hire van for your weekend away or extended trip.

Extended trips.  As we have already experienced our own extended trips around Australia we can assist you will lots of tips and advise on planning and packing for your trip.  We have set up our hire caravans the way we had ours set up, with solar panels for free camping, some with bike racks and leatherette to make it easy to keep clean and cool.

Hire instead of buying. Hiring a caravan is a much cheaper alternative than purchasing your own, depending on how often you are actually going to use your van. Avoid storage problems, annual insurance, depreciation, maintenance and registration costs by hiring a modern Jayco caravan instead. Hire a different van each time that suits your proposed holiday needs. Do the sums, you will be surprised how hiring can be a more cost effective option compared to purchasing.

Try before you buy. If you are in the market to purchase a new van, before investing a large amount of money into a caravan that may not suit your needs, why not hire before you buy. Perhaps you have never been caravanning before and would like to try the experience before you invest in your ideal van.

Temporary Accommodation for when you are unable to live in your house for a short period due to planned renovations or disaster has struck, we may be able to assist.  We have several larger caravans that just may fit the bill.  If you have an insurance claim on your home and you are unable to live in all or part of your home let us know and we will help where we can.  We have already worked with many insurance companies like Allianz, CBA, WFI, Budget Direct, RACV and brokers Crawford & Co and Sedgwick, so we can make your experience easier.

When family and friends come to stay why not use a Caravan Hire Co. van to create that extra room at your home. We can even deliver to site. Our Caravans are available for short and long term hire.

Our Delivery / Set up service, it is another great option (costs apply). Just imagine arriving at your holiday destination with your caravan already set up for you and all that’s left for you to do is start creating those great holiday memories.  We can also deliver to your home albeit in Melbourne or Gippsland.