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Why Caravan Hire Co.?

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Ian & Kate Storr of Caravan Hire Co. have over 20 years’ experience in the caravan and tourism industries. They have worked for Jayco Caravans for many years, managed caravan parks and toured around Australia on an extended trip in their own caravan.  This has given them  sound knowledge, experience and a vast network for people to assist in providing you with exceptional customer service.

Caravan Hire Co have a fleet of 10 (and growing) that consists of all late model Jayco caravans, from 2017 to 2021 year models.  They are all kept very well maintained and are very clean and tidy vans.  Solar panels and battery system, bike racks and leatherette are extras that have been added to all the vans, making free camping a breeze.

Their customer service and friendly easy going nature makes it easy for anyone, of any level of experience, feel comfortable about asking questions and being confident once you drive out.  We spend about an hour with you before you head off to give you an exceptional handover, so you come with lots of questions and leave with none!

Caravan hire is a much cheaper alternative than purchasing your own depending on how often you are actually going to use it. Avoid storage problems, annual insurance, maintenance and registration cost by hiring a modern Jayco caravan instead.

Delivery / Set up is another great option to take advantage of.  We will deliver the hire caravan to site, set it all up for you and then when you are ready to leave we will come and pick it up for you also.  We can also deliver to your home in Melbourne or Gippsland.  Fees apply.

Hire Vehicle, we also have a Holden Trailblazer LTZ available for hire should you not have a suitable tow vehicle.